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Gemma Aldcroft

Life before Little Atom?

I trained and worked as a theatre designer before I moved in to event management and had the pleasure of working on a number of exciting and innovative productions for which I created both sets and costumes. My clients as a freelance events manager include the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games, Hertel International, Bibby Line Group and Investec Wealth & Investment.

Why event management?

Spending a large part of my late teens and early twenties working in the hospitality industry, particularly as a restaurant manager, gave me a passion for giving customers the best possible service experience and I have taken this attitude into my work as an event manager. Having a guest or client tell me what a wonderful time they’ve had is pretty much my favourite thing!

First event ever produced?

I produced and curated an exhibition of photos and artifacts of the mountains of Northern Italy during a family holiday when I was 13 – I think I even charged a few lira as an entrance fee! My first real job though was a young people’s production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

Favourite event?

I was delighted to get the contract for the Bibby Line Group’s Bicentenary Celebrations in Liverpool in 2007. I commissioned a brand new piece of musical theatre telling the story of the oldest family run shipping company in the world and was responsible for transforming Liverpool’s huge Anglican Cathedral into a beautiful maritime world complete with a ship themed stage. Princess Anne was guest of honour and said it was one of the most entertaining events she’d ever attended…and she’s been to a LOT of events!

Dream event?

I love my cabaret nights and I dream of having my own cabaret venue; the nights would include live music, comedy, dance, poetry and a smattering of burlesque to add a bit of spice! At my dream event guests can dance, drink and be merry but the music isn’t so loud that you can’t have a decent conversation and socialize properly.

Favourite scientists?

Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap (swoon)

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev the creator of the Periodic Table (not so swoon but definitely a dude)

Favourite element on the periodic table?

It’s got to be Krypton (Kr), from the Greek for ‘the hidden one’. It’s used in lighting, photography and (along with Argon) in energy saving lightbulbs. Plus it gives Superman his power so gets a big thumbs up from me.